On this site we present all current developments which differ from our standard product range. These might give you ideas for new considerations.

K&K pneumatic controlled net pouring scale “NSW-P” in special design for very light and large-displacement materials

filling volume up to 115 l
max. 62 kg filling weight
600 l storage bin with min. - max. level indicator and inspection opening
stand for housing the complete unit



K&K 2-line big bag scale for two materials which have totally different flowing characteristics

central 2-line weighing system in officially calibrated version
the feed regulating conveyor (“feed regulating side”) transports moist and highly adhesive materials from the storage hopper into the scale pan
on the opposite side (“vibratory conveyor side”) all freely flowing and dusty materials are transported into the scale pan
filling volume up to 30 l
filling weights up to 50 kg possible
efficiency is up to 22 W/min with a packing volume of 25 l
with the control device you can select conveyor feeding or vibratory feeding; a data memory can store these inputs
scale comes in complete stainless steel version



K&K pail filling unit in very compact type of construction

floor space for this construction: 20 square metre
this system can be run by one operator
aspiration connections at material transfer area as well as at filling- and vibrating station
efficiency is up to 12 pails/min at a volume of 10 litres per pail
min. filling volume 1 l
max. filling volume 15 l
compatible with all K&K scales



Fully automatic sack labelling system

This system is for fully automatic labelling plastic and paper sacks with prefabricated labels (direct supply as option possible). Subsequently the sacks are provided at the filling station.

Your advantages

you avoid mixing up with wrong labels
manual filling is made easier for the operator
labelling can be made in advance
the system is mobile and so can be freely positioned